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Dit Quelque Chose - AK Sports (2020)


Premiered on Form Music Magazine

Inspired by the pirate samplers Soda Jerk and restricted by the Sydney COVID-19 lockdowns, “Dit Quelque Chose” is an exploration into editing and remix culture.

Using archival footage that exists within the Public Domain, Dit Quelque Chose presents an alternative retelling of the seminal classic “Night Of The Living Dead” (George A. Romero, 1968).

The choice to retell and remix “Night Of The Living Dead” came from the fact that it is well known in the public zeitgeist and was also a touchstone in the birth of the modern zombie film. Fifty years after its release, the film still enjoys cult status and is rightfully regarded as being responsible for building the foundations of existing zombie horror tropes. Unfortunately, this also means the inclusion of the now-well-worn-trope of one dimensional female characters who flail, scream and are usually killed off at the end.

“Dit Quelque Chose”, seeks to pay homage to “Night Of The Living Dead” as well as offer a modern feminist retelling which heroes and empowers the women within this film. Through remix, rotoscope and re-editing, another unlikely tale emerges from the classic and we are offered a glimpse into another version of the film and another “gaze”.

By cutting the film to the pounding and whispering vocals from AK Sport’s mix, this alternative tale seeks to highlight the strength, solidarity and tenderness of the female characters and hopes to challenge existing tropes that are still prevalent in horror films to this day.

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